February 6 - 19, 2023

What is Fasting?

A biblical fast is when you dedicate a period of time to focus on God. It involves two things:

1) Going without food.

2) A focus on prayer + reading the Word of God.

Fasting is a way that we draw closer to God. It's an act of obedience and surrender that positions us to hear from God more clearly and experience Him in a deeper way

Why Fast?

Fasting is the most effective way to position ourselves spiritually to amplify God’s plans and purposes for our life. Fasting is not about twisting God’s arm to make Him move on our behalf, rather it’s about saying to God that we want to increase our level of intimacy with Him.

Kickstart Your Spiritual Momentum
  • Concentrated prayer each day
  • Commit to fasting a number of days in a row or at least one meal each day
  • Read your Bible daily
  • Join us in worship at our encounter nights in February
Quick Tips
  • Think and pray about what to fast, and the purpose for your fast.
  • Talk with your doctor about any health concerns that may affect your fasting.
  • Consider finding a prayer/fasting partner who can support and encourage you.
  • When you fast, your body detoxifies. Limit your activity, exercise moderately, rest and drink lots of water!
  • If you happen to break your fast, don’t feel guilty and don’t give up. instead pick it back up and keep going.
  • When it’s time to end the fast, go slow with your food intake, and start with fruits, vegetables, juices and eggs.
An Example Of Fasting

If you were to fast one meal a day.

Replace the time you would have spent eating that meal with:

  • Reading your Bible
  • Praying to God
  • Engaging in Worship
You've Got This!

We’re believing that during this 14 days of Prayer & Fasting you will hear from God, encounter His presence, and experience an acceleration of spiritual momentum in your life.

If you haven’t participated before, why not make 2023 the year that you take this exciting step of faith.

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February 6 to February 19
Fasting Dates

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